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Nouvelle Touraine School Construction

Bring Hope thru your Donation

March 27-April 5th a team from NYC (Jim Owens, Justin Owens, Brent Owens and Josh Blum) traveled to Haiti to work with CINHP to bring practical help and hope to the communities of Haiti. We worked along side the Haitian communities on food, clothing and medical supplies distribution as well as school reconstruction. Our goal to raise $5,450 in order to purchase materials in the US and Haiti for the projects. All proceeds will go directly to the communities in Haiti.

You may also send a check to: Children In Need Haitian Project PO Box 604846 Bayside, NY 11360 Please write Easter 2010 in the Memo line

Below is a breakdown of the costs for different projects some which has already been completed:

Nouvelle Touraine School Construction

Since the earthquake there is a movement of many people from Port-au-prince out to their home villages. One of these villages is Nouvelle Touraine. We believe that establishing a school here is critical for the future of these children. $1,500 Materials for school – Cement, Tin for Roofs, construction tools $ 500 Initial School Supplies $ 500 Transportation of supplies: materials must be carried into NT on foot $2,500 Total

Medical Aid and Food & Clothing Distribution

We will be providing some basic medical care and distributing suppliese to people in the communities of L’Espinasse and Nouvelle Touraine. Nouvelle Touraine is a remote village in the mountains of Haiti accessible only by foot. $ 500 Supplemental Protein sources such as beans and canned fish and meat $ 100 Transportation $ 300 Employ Haitians for distribution work $1,000 Total

L’Espinasse Community Earthquake Reconstruction

$1,000 Repair of the Lunch Program Kitchen $ 500 Repair of the School Building Damage $1,500 Total

Easter Celebration Community Meal

To celebrate the resurrection and to encourage the communities that they are not alone and that there is hope we plan to provide a meal for each of the communities that we are involved with. We believe that Easter is the time when God revealed his power thru the resurrection of Jesus. We will be coming along side the pastors of both communities to help them bring the healing, hope and the good news of salvation thru Jesus to the people of Haiti $300 Nouvelle Touraine Easter Celebration Community Meal to feed 200 people $150 L’espinasse Easter Celebration Community Meal to feed 100 people $450 Total Project

$5,450 Total Easter Hope Project Costs