Serving the future of Haiti

Community Projects

One of our goals is to connect people and resources in order to serve whole communities and families. Education, physical health, spiritual strength, employment and community building are some of the ways we seek to help Haitian villages become self sustaining.
Here are some of our recent efforts to help the communities that we are involved with:
• We made a substantial down-payment on the land on which we will build our new school campus, which will include a new school, community room, church and medical clinic.
• In November we convened our first Women’s Community Meeting (49 women attended and 26 of them signed up to be a part of a weekly prayer meeting beginning in Jan!!). Our hope is that women will emerge from among this group who can bring leadership and affect change in the community.
• Distributed donated items including soccer balls and children’s shoes. During the shoe distribution we became aware that many of our students had need of socks, shoelaces and undergarments. These items were distributed by the Vassar College Students to our school students in Jan 2010, just prior to the earthquake.