Serving the future of Haiti

Earthquake Relief

Here are some of the initial projects we have been involved in during the earthquake recovery.
• Set up temporary First Aid stations along the road treating injured people leaving the city and heading up the mountain by foot.
• Assisted a heavily damaged area of Petionville by cleaning and bandaging wounds, providing antibiotics and pain medication for the injured.
• One day we fed 50 children, another day 250. It was a delicious meal of rice and beans with a vegetable sauce on top. Another organization came through the neighborhood distributing clean drinking water from a big drum on the back of a truck.
• Distributing packets of food (including rice, beans, oil, sugar) in the rural area past our home and in the community where our school is located. Relief food is difficult to obtain in Haiti, so we have been buying wholesale food for distribution.
• Provided food and shelter for 6+ displaced people in our home.