Serving the future of Haiti

Why Haiti?

Haiti is a country of great beauty and natural resources. A country of resilient people. It is also a country that has been continually bombarded with great poverty, political upheaval, massive unemployment, illiteracy, debilitating health crises, devastating hurricanes and most recently the crushing earthquake of January 2010. And, most importantly, it is a country that is only an hour and a half flight from Florida. A close neighbor of the United States.
Here are some statistics of Haiti that make it one of the most unique countries on the planet - whose children live in daily struggle for survival:
* Population: a little over 9,000,000
* Language: Haitian Creole & French
* Government type: Elected Government
* Status: Haiti is the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere
* Poverty: 80% live in abject poverty
* Average annual income: The average annual income per individual is $240
* Unemployment: 50% unemployment
* Average life span: under 50 years of age
* Mortality: 50% of children die by age 5 (most due to malnutrition and preventable diseases)
* Literacy: 80% of the population is illiterate
* State Religions: Voodoo and Catholicism.