Serving the future of Haiti

Food Distribution

What a blessing…doors opened by God so Children In Need Haitian Project could obtain food in Haiti for the earthquake relief effort. Thanks to US AID, World Vision, and the persistence of our people in Haiti and in NY, 200 bags (110 lbs each) of bulgur wheat, 50 bags (110 lbs per bag) of lentils, and 500 gallons of cooking oil were donated to CINHP for distribution in several rural areas.

It took a police escort of 8 plus several armed security guards to escort the truckload of food to our depot. All of it arrived intact in spite of the fact that the truck broke down on the way up the mountain and had to be reloaded on another truck to continue the journey. These are just a few of the obstacles making food distribution difficult in this country.

With families receiving about 20kg of food, this is enough for about 500 families. We distributed much of the food to those affected in our community development area of L’Espinasse, and to the needy near the location of our house. In addition, other communities in Nouvelle Touraine, Jacquet, and Grenier were helped.
See Food Distrubution Pictures
The food distribution in L’Espinasse was well organized and with good cooperation of the people, 170 families were given food (see pictures). We had an opportunity to pray with all of them, thanking God for his provision. We are so privileged to be able to be a part of the solution, however insignificant it seems in the scope of the situation. Hearing the gratefulness and seeing the faces of the recipients one on one made it worthwhile for me. I also was so proud to see “USA” written on all the food containers