Serving the future of Haiti

Meet our Team

Jeanette Felix - Founder and Vice President,
Jeanette is a Registered Nurse and Director of our Medical Outreach and on-site Volunteer Team Coordinator. She has served in Haiti intermittently since 1978 and speaks fluent Creole. Jeanette relocated to Haiti in 2006 with her husband, Christopher and son, Shawn.
Sharon Cushing - Executive Coordinator,
Sharon joined the team in 2004 to manage the Administration of Children In Need Haitian Project’s US Headquarters. With over 30 years of Administrative experience in both for-profit and non-profit organizations, Sharon is responsible for the day to day operations of Children In Need Haitian Project in the United States, including oversight of the Organization’s finances and fundraising.
Christopher Felix - Advisor,
A native of Haiti, and husband to Jeanette, Christopher has been an invaluable source of information regarding the culture and logistics of Haiti. In addition, Christopher has been instrumental in introducing Children In Need to contacts that have been critical to our success. His insights provide us with intelligence that would not otherwise be available to us.